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Knolls Estates in Arizona
1.25 Acre for $5,500.00 each lot
Lot 441 is available
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Knoll Estates plat Knoll Estates Knoll Estates Knoll Estates

Lake Mohave Knolls Estates Plat Lot 441

Lot 448 LMKE Lot 448 LMKE Lot 448 LMKE
Knoll Estates Knoll Estates Knoll Estates Lake Mohave Knolls

Lake Mohave Knolls Estates

Lot 448 LMKE Lot 448 LMKE Lake Mohave 25 min. away
Knoll Estates Knoll Estates Lake Mohave Knolls  

Lake Mohave Knolls Estates

Lot 448 LMKE Beautiful Octilla Plant  
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Property Information.
Location:   Nestled beneath blue skies, between the Colorado River and the Cerbat Mountains, 14 miles (New Deal & Knoll Est.) and 20 miles (Gateway Acres) North of Kingman, (pop 30,000), 45 miles east of Laughlin, 75 miles South of Las Vegas, 210 miles North of Phoenix.
Size:   One acre (size of football field) - 100 ft x 435.6 ft
One & Quarter acres                   - 165 ft x 330 ft
Roads:   Access to the property is on all-weather county maintained dirt roads.
Population:   Kingman, (pop 40,000), Chloride, (pop
WATER: Well depths in the area are about 700 -900'. Drilling costs about $21 per foot. Water Haul -alternatively, people buy a 300-500 gallon tank, which can be hooked to a car hitch, then refilled as needed at Mt. Tipton Water Co. Inc., Dolan Springs(18 miles, 928-767-3713) or Valley Pioneer Water Co. in Golden Valley. (17 miles, 928-565-4663). Water costs only $2.50 for 400 gallons.
Or you can use water delivery service, costs costs $65 for 1500 gallons of water. (Desert Water Service 928-767-4249). There are other water delivery services usually posted on the bulletin board at the DD grocery store (Dolan Springs). Delivery prices from them may be less. Large residential tanks cost $1900 for a 1500 gallon above ground system.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS: Septic systems start at $3,200 plus county permit cost.
Percolation test, $475.

POWER:  Citizens Arizona Electric, (928) 753-2124. Electric poles are accross the street. Cost to extend facilities to the lot line and then to a dwelling is approximately $3.50 per foot, for a line in excess of 400 feet. Cost to receiveservice is $90 security deposit and a $21.00 service charge. At this time Solar Power is the least expensive means of power. C & R Solar (928) 757-7059 . 

*Please go to our Useful Link page for more information.

TELEPHONE:  New Deal Acres ONLY-_Citizens Communications (928) 753-1122. Cost to extend
facilities to lot line and then to dwelling is $75 installation fee, $10 per jack, and $30 service fee, $15 monthly.
Gas:   Northern Energy, Inc (928) 757-7923. Lease 150 gallon tank for $30 per year (comes with 100 gallons). The cost of propane is currently $1.70 per gallon.
Planning and Zoning:   Two homes allowed:  A main house and a ranch hand house (mother-in-law house). Residental zoned.
Fire Protection:   Chloride Fire Department. No cost to lot purchaser.
Police Protection:    Provided by Mohave County Sheriffs Dept.
Education:   Kingman has public elementary, middle and high schools. There is bus service to and from school to Mineral Park Road, half a mile South of the Subdivision.

Convenience shopping in Dolan Springs and Chloride, and complete shopping
facilities are available in Kingman.                     

Recreation:   If you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll be in heaven! In Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and along the Colorado River, there is excellent fishing and water-skiing, and river rafting. You can go dirt bike riding, Horse back riding, hunting, hiking and camping also. The booming city of Laughlin offers gambling, shows, etc.
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